What’s your decorating style?

It’s Unlikely You Have Just One Style

Chances are if you landed here, you aren't sure what your design style is. That's ok!  Some of you know what you like but you just don't know what to call it. And others of you just can't get a grip on what your preferences are to begin with. It can certainly be challenging to zero in on how to find your decorating style when there are so many style types and resources to tell you what they are.

All in all, this quiz is meant to serve as a guideline to you as you begin to find your decorating style. As always, fill your home with what you love, what’s meaningful, and what makes you happy!

5 Steps to Help You Find Your Decorating Style

Do a Visual Brainstorm

Chances are, you already have a Pinterest board made of décor that you’re drawn to. If you don’t, I would recommend creating one! I love mine!  Don’t try to stick to a particular style yet. Just pin what you like, and come back to it later. I have multiple Pinterest boards that hold inspiration for different rooms of the home. So, I can quickly go into one of those and start to see what I love.

Find your Color Palette 

I find that figuring out your style is easier to do when you figure out the colors you love. Take the colors you saw the most of in Step 1 and use them to begin your own Home Color Palette. Follow that up with defining your favorite textures and patterns! If your struggling with that, check out your clothes closet. This will usually give you a good start.

Consider the Current and Desired Atmosphere of your Home

Is your home a blank slate with no personality or does it have history or lend itself to one style or another. How does your home feel? How do you want it to feel for yourself and others? Does it feel warm and welcoming? Cool and minimalist? Determine the current mood and the desired mood of your space. It’s ok to change and evolve your style over time!

Take Inventory of y our Current Décor and Eliminate What you Don't Love

Do you still love your current décor? Are their pieces you would never part with and other things you just bought to fill a space? Regardless of your style, if your home is only filled with what you love, it’s the best, your favorite – you will love coming home to it. And you can build your style on the foundation of your current beloved décor!

Layer What you Love

You’ve got all of the pieces, now it’s time to bring them together! Overall, you’re looking at the whole picture and trying to figure out what you like. At the end of the day, after you’ve found the commonalities in your inspiration, you’ve chosen your color palette and you’re considered the style of your home, you’ve got to do what you love!

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