Virtual Home Staging

Virtual home staging is a real estate marketing tool in which a property is staged realistically by computer (and not in real life). The goal of virtual home staging is to help home buyers see a property's potential. In other words, the image may not be of the room as it is right now, but it does portray what it can be. Virtual home staging, like physical home staging, is aimed at enticing home buyers and helping them connect emotionally with a property.

We transform spaces into happy places

Virtual Home Staging Interior Design Consultation

How It Works

The Virtual Home Staging consultation is a great way to to get your design questions answered and to start seeing a vision for your space. It is perfect for home owners and real estate agents looking to showcase their home and help buyers find it easier to visualize the property as their future home when it's staged.

Each virtual home staging is conceptualized, designed and rendered in-house.  We stage with current, on-trend decor from Lowes to Wayfair, enabling you to engage in a larger pool of prospective home buyers.

Our virtual home staging services help you showcase your property in not only its best light, but also in multiple designs to suite your prospective buyers' tastes. It is easy and will cost you far less than physical staging.

Best of all, virtual staging sells real estate.

The Benefits of Virtual Home Staging

Visualize the space: When buyers see an empty room, it is hard for them to imagine what it would look like with furniture in it. By showing them how the space can be used with pictures that have been virtually staged, it will get them thinking about the possibilities they could do to make it their own when they live there.

Cost effective: Hiring a professional stager and renting furniture to stage your home can be expensive. Virtually staging the photos of your home can be done for a much smaller amount of money out of your pocket.

Sell faster & for more money: When you make your home look its best, you will attract a larger pool of buyers; which will turn into more offers. Virtual staging is a tool for you to use to sell your house for more money in a shorter time on the market.

Instantly updated home: Sometimes the styling of a home is not exactly what buyers have in mind. Perhaps it could be dated or unpopular tastes. Using virtual staging to bring in furniture and decor will make a room look more modern and attractive to a larger pool of buyers.

Why is a Realistic Product so Important?

Because 85% of potential home buyers say that the photos are the most important factor when viewing a home online. Virtually staged photos that don’t look realistic actually do more harm than good. A poorly executed virtual staging, with oddly oriented, disproportionate or unrealistic furnishings serves only to distract the online viewer, causing them to reject the premise of actually living in the home. Our virtual staging process provides a realism that draws a buyer’s attention online.

Realism is the most significant benefit of our ‘current furnishings’ approach to virtual staging. When used in conjunction with our proprietary process, current furnishings and decor produce a realistic image whose realism can’t be matched by any other technique.

Effective virtual staging with current furnishings requires an extensive inventory of furnishings and decor, as well as exhaustive attention to detail. We have seen many examples of competitors’ finished products that would never be mistaken for real. These competitors have come and gone, realizing that virtual staging requires time, patience, depth of inventory and true professional vacant home staging expertise.

As a seller, you can use virtual home staging while you are still in your home. Virtual staging is an excellent option for sellers who are still in their home while it’s on the market. Virtual staging does not remove or edit design elements that are currently in a home. However, you’ll be able to remove personal items or furnishings that make negatively affect your listing. Once the photos are taken for staging purposes, furniture and other items can be placed back where they were to begin with. Virtual staging is more convenient and allows you to maintain a comfortable style of living while your house is on the market.

While physical staging varies greatly from virtual staging, there is one critical necessity is required to have success in either industry – interior design knowledge. Fortunately for us, we are experts in that department. Carrie Nelson, our interior designer, uses her experience in home staging, real estate, and interior design to select modern, stylish pieces to add to our virtual home staging services.

Virtual Staging for Real Estate. As an agent, if staging one or more vacant properties isn’t in your budget, virtual staging offers several of the same benefits for a fraction of the cost. This tool provides a cost-effective way for brokers and agents to maximize the value of vacant listings with a click of a button. Rather than spending several thousand dollars to physically stage a home, many industry professionals are choosing to go virtual. Our virtual staging services deliver incredible benefits for 8-10% of the cost of traditional home staging. Want to leave physical copies of the staged photos at the property for buyers when they tour? We’ll supply you with a folder full of information including  photos that help your clients visualize the potential of your listing.

Did you know that we can also virtual home stage outdoor areas? You can showoff patio and deck amenities. Displaying pictures of empty or unfinished outdoor areas can overwhelm potential buyers with the amount of work that will be needed to complete a space. Showcasing a thriving and welcoming outdoor space allows them to envision the space in a positive way. Bright cushions on contemporary furniture paired with colorful area rugs can help create a captivating space.

Maybe you want to create a positive vibe around the pool area. Unfurnished pool areas can be a massive turnoff to potential buyers. Without a visual of the space that displays beautiful lounge chairs and a complete dining area, buyers will be more likely to focus on the upkeep and responsibilities that come with owning a pool. Our services will showcase your outdoor areas as a place where families can enjoy themselves for years to come!

How do we Play a Role in Virtual Home Staging?

In addition to the substantial ‘realism’ advantage of current furnishings and decor, we are also able to continuously update our inventory to stay in step with current styles and trends. This allows us to design and fine-tune each and every virtual staging project to target the most likely buyer audience. 

Active Standard Interior Design solves the challenges of listing a vacant home. We transform empty and confusing vacant listing photos of a home for sale into a more marketable and attractive ‘staged’ home online. Expanding the buyer audience and helping buyers envision the home as their own are the key ingredients that lead our clients to achieve a successful sale, which is paramount in this real estate market.